Classification of living organisms

Classification means putting things into groups.The main reason for classifying living things is to make it easier to study them.

Linnaeus was a Swedish naturalist who divided all the  different kinds of living things into groups calles SPECIES.

Species are grouped into genera (singular: GENUS).

Several genera are then grouped into a FAMILY.

Families into ORDERS.

Orders into CLASSES.

Classes into PHYLA.

Phyla into KINGDOMS.

Last class we divided all organisms into the five kingdoms:

– Prokaryotes



– Plants


Let us start with the Animal Kingdom.

They are classified into 5 phyla:

– Arthropods

– Nematodes

– Annelids

– Molluscs



– Each group is given different specimens

– Make a large labelled drawing of the animal

– Classify the animal: phylum, class, genus and species

– Write down the external features of each specimen.

– After discussing the  work in class, each group will add the information of the specimen in the post as a comment.

– Peer assessment between groups

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