Nutrition in plants

This is the time for «The green world».

Throughout this unit we are going to study 3 main topics:

1- Nutrition in plants.
2- Transport in plants.
3- Reproduction in plants

Let´s start with «Nutrition in plants»

– Watch this video

This web page is an excellent resource to complete the activities

Photosynthesis: Learning objectives:

. Define and write the word equation for photosynthesis

. Investigate the necessity for chlorophyll, light and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, using appropriate controls

. Describe the intake of carbon dioxide and water by plants

• Explain that chlorophyll traps light energy and converts it into chemical energy for the formation of carbohydrates and their subsequent storage

. Waterweed simulation link

– Test the leaves for starch

Leaf structure:

• Identify and label the cuticle, cellular and tissue structure of a dicotyledonous leaf, as seen in cross-section under the light microscope, and describe the significance of these features in terms of functions, to include:

• distribution of chloroplasts – photosynthesis

• stomata and mesophyll cells – gas exchange

• vascular bundles (xylem and phloem) – transport and support

– Mineral requirements

• Describe the importance of:
• nitrate ions for protein synthesis
• magnesium ions for chlorophyll synthesis



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