Date: Monday October 6th
Time: 16:15 – 17:15


Follow the event with (link your user name at twitter with this tool),
Share your images with twitpic,
Extend tour tweets with if necessary,
Record your voice with
A white sheet of paper and a pencil.
A camera or telephone with camera + what you need to download your photo to your computer.



Everybody must be online at 14:25 Tweetchat following #biologyigcselc connected with your Twitter user.
Before you start the test you will be assigned a group.
Every 10 minutes and for about one hour there will be a new question tweeted for each group to answer in a tweet.
If your tweets need more than 140 characters you can use twitlonger BUT always remember to write the #biologyigcselc hashtag because if you don`t we will not see your tweets.
When we finish I will generate a Tweetdoc with all your contributions.

Your tweets should have this format, example:
“The bicuspid valve prevents blood flowing back into the left atrium” #biologyigcselc

Good luck!!

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