Classification of living organisms

Organisms can be classified into groups by the features that they share.
An important skill in Science is to be good observers. You have practiced this when you made drawings of different specimens. This week you will continue investigating features to help you  classify animals into their groups.

By the end of this lesson students should be able to:

1- List the main features used to place animals and plants into the appropriate kingdoms

2- List the main features used to place organisms into groups within the animal kingdom, limited
– the main groups of vertebrates: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish

– the main groups of arthropods: myriapods, insects, arachnids, crustaceans


1) Construct a table to compare the characteristic features of animals, plants, fungi, protoctists and prokaryotes: number of cells, differences in the cell structure, nutrition. You can upload the activity as a PDF file on your blog.

2) Create an infographic showing the external features only of the following animals. Make it visual,  so choose any animal which represents the class. For e.g. from the class reptiles, snake.

Group 1: Mammals: Anania T. and J. Lutowicz
Group 2: Birds: Monguzzi N., Perez Muñiz L. and Catani J.
Group 3: Reptiles: V. Ávila G. and Mosquera F.
Group 4: Amphibians: Olaizola B. ans Venini J.
Group 5: Fishes: Segura A., Araya F. and Roggero L.


Group 6: Insects: Miy Uranga D., G. Fernandez L. and Hartmann R.
Group 7: Crustaceans: Borda T. and Ripoll M.
Group 8: Arachnids: Rela C., Alday A. and Nicora D.
Group 9: Myriapods: Santayana D., Grosso C. amd Giambruni L.

These are some tools you may use….

PIKTOCHART  You can download the infographic as a picture and post it on the blog.

EASEL.LY     There´s a template where you can add a picture and label it.

3) Post the infographic on your blog.

4) Add the links of your companions´  work. (8 links, one from each group)

Good luck! 🙂

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