ENZYMES and pH: Lab work


Many plant tissues change colour when exposed to the air. The enzymes that produce the coloured products may be affected by pH.


You will investigate the effect of pH on the production of these coloured products formed on the freshly cut surface of a plant tissue.

1- You are provided with a piece of plant tissue. Cut the piece into two circles of 1cm wide.

2- Leave one piece on the table exposed to the air.

3- Place the 2nd piece in a petri dish and cover it with orange juice.

4- Leave the pieces for half an hour.

5- Answer question 4 from page 57 in the textbook.

6- After half an hour, compare the colour of the exposed cut surface with the one covered with orange juice.

Colour of exposed surface: ……………………………………………

Colour of surface covered with orange juice: …………………….

7- Take pictures of all the results

8- Describe and explain the effect of pH on the development of the coloured products in this plant tissue. (conclusion)

9- Record all your results in a new post in your blog, following this layout

– Members of the group

– Title

– Aim

– Method: Use the pictures to explain. (you may use any ICT tool such as picollage)

– Results

– Conclusion


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