Welcome Senior 3!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the S3 Biology course. This is the first year of a two-year preparation for IGCSE exam.


The topics we will be studying are:

1- Characteristics and classification of living organisms.
2-Organisation of the organism
3- Movement in and out of cells
4- Biological molecules
5. Enzymes
6- Human nutrition
7- Transport in humans
8- Gas exchange in humans
9- Excretion and kidneys

10- Pathogens and immunity

As you see, you studied topics 1, 2 and 4 last year. Therefore, we are going to make a quick revision of them and continue with the new topics.

All the activities from last year will be available in my Blog`s menu as «S2 – 2015 category» so that you can take a look at them any time you need to do so. For each class you will be expected to bring your Biology book. You are going to work a lot in your blogs, so add a category called «Biology». All posts should be there.

Tests as well as blog assignments will be posted in the class Calendar.

Let´s start with a question…Why study Biology?

Study hard and enjoy!


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