Transport in humans

In this unit there are three main topics:                               heart

  1. General circulation
  2. The heart
  3. Blood vessels


  1. The circulatory system

Click on this link

2. How does the heart work?

a- Wednesday 10th 

Watch this animation!

b- Tuesday 16th 

Heart beat and the ECG

Self-study animation

i- What´s an atrial fibrillation?

ii- Explain in your own words the ECG during a heart attack.

iii- Answer question 6 page 125 from the book

c-Wednesday 17th 

CHD: risks and prevention:  Let´s revise the topic with interactive animations.

Tuesday 23rd 

3.Blood vessels self -study:  Arteries, veins and capillaries: differences and similarities-             functions

a- Read the information in this link and answer all the interactive questions

b- Build a comparison table to show differences between the blood vessels.

Wednesday 24th 

Heart beat and exercise

5.  Tuesday 30th 


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