Senior 3 students! 5 minutes quiz

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Look at the pictures A (square) and B (circle) that show groups of cells (tissue), and answer the following questions:

onion cells

cheek cells

a- Are they animal or plant cells?
b- Where are they found?
c- Name 2 structures which you observe in the pictures.

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  1. Agus Buljevich dijo:

    A. the picture A is an animal cell and B a plant cell
    B, picture A in human cheek and picture B in onions.
    C. in the picture A the nucleus and the cytoplasm and in picture B the cell wall and the nucleus

  2. fran okecki dijo:

    1) The square one is an animal cell and the circule one is a plant cell
    2) The circle one is a cell of a plant epidermis and the square one is a human cheek cell.
    3) Nucleus in both cells and cell membrane in both cells.

  3. Antonia Flores Piran dijo:

    1)They are plant cells
    2)They are found in the cheek and onion
    3)Cell membrane and nucleous

  4. agustin campion dijo:

    1- picture a is an animal cell and picture b is a plant cell.
    2- a are human cheeks cell and b are onion epidermis.
    3- in picture a we can see an animal cell that contains cell membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm. and picture b show a plant cell that contains cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, vacuole and chloroplasts.

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