Endocrine system

A-Watch this video

B– Activities:

Each group will prepare a presentation to show their work in class, which must include the following items:

1) Definition of Hormone

2) A picture of a human figure showing the different glands which produce hormones in our body.

3) Comparison table between PANCREAS  and ADRENAL GLAND with the headings: gland, hormone, target organ and effect

For good information click on this link

3) Secretion of adrenaline:

– Study the effects of adrenalin in different parts of the body: heart, lungs, muscles, blood, eyes, digestive system, blood vessels.

– Look for an examples of a situation (picture, video) in humans or animals where the secretion of adrenaline is shown. Describe the effects in the body.

4) Controlling blood glucose



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