imagesEnzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts.

There are factors that affect the activity of them.


In this experience, you are going to investigate how temperature affects the activity of CATALASE.

Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

It is found in potatoes and liver.

Lab work 

NOTES:  – Take pictures of each step.

               – Prepare the lab report in a document  

               – Post it in your blog.

1- Write down the equation of the chemical reaction in words and build a table to record your results.

2- The teacher provides you with:

a- 3 test tubes filled with hydrogen peroxide (substrate)

b- a piece of potato (source of catalase)

3- Cut the potato into 2 cubes of 0.5 cubic centimeters each. The third cube has already been prepared for you.

4- Place one cube and one test tube in the 1st water bath at 5°C for 2 minutes.

5- Place the cube into the test tube and leave it in the water bath for 2 minutes.

6- Measure the height of the foam produced.

7- Record the result in the table.

8- Repeat steps 4 to 7 with the other cubes.

9- Plot the information in a line-graph


a- Why did you leave the potato and the test tube in the water baths before the experiment?

b- State:   – the independent variable

– the dependent variable

– two fixed variables

c- Describe the results shown in the graph.

d- At what temperature the enzyme works best?

e- What has happened at 100°C?



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