virus1     cholera bacterium

Last class you answered some questions about them in class.

You described ways in which diseases are transmitted.

Watch THIS video!

Activities: in groups

You were asked to teach kids/adults about food and personal hygiene. Prepare a presentation to show in the seminar.

Take into consideration:  

1- Definition of pthogen

2- Make it visual! Search for pictures/ short videos in the internet which describe the points  about food and personal hygiene.

3- Post it in your blog.

4- Read pages 132 and 133, «Waste disposal» and «Sewage treatment». Answer questions 10.6-10.7-10.8 in a Google Drive and share it with the teacher. Add the members`names and pictures.


  1. ADULTS:Gonzalo V.A, Agustìn S, Nico M, Luna P.M., and Mara R
  2. KIDS: Delfi, Luz G.F., Cata G. and Cata R.
  3. ADULTS: Juani L., Tommy A., Bauti O., Tommy B. and Joaquìn V.
  4. KIDS: Rochi H., Pancho M., Luli G. and Flor A.
  5. KIDS: Delfi S., Agostina A., Lucìa R. and Epi
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