Welcome Senior 4!

Hi everyone!

It’s our 2nd year in preparation for the IGCSE exam so one of our challenges will be about recycling what we studied in Senior 3. There are 3 main topics this year:

1- Human body
2- Plants
3- Living organisms and their environment

For each class you will be expected to bring last year textbook and the Booklet with exercises. Get your blog ready with the Biology category. All blog assignments should appear in the category and, as well as tests, will be posted in the class Calendar.

Before we start with our fist topic, let´s watch the video below.

What message does the video give you?
Why is it important to study Biology?

All the best for this year!

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2 respuestas a Welcome Senior 4!

  1. This video helped me to understand that biology surrounds us everyday of our lives. Its everywhere and it will be until the rest of our lives. For me it’s important to study biology because since I mentioned before, it surrounds us and its also even us. I think it’s great to know how our bodies work.

    • mravagnan dijo:

      That´s right Cata!

      Science helps us to understand the world and how things work. Our great challenge nowadays is to protect and take care of all the thing Nature gives us.


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