The eye as a sense organ

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  • Define sense organs as groups of receptor cells responding to specific stimuli: light, sound, touch, temperature and chemicals
  •  Identify the structures of the eye, limited to cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina, optic nerve and blind spot
  • Describe the function of each part of the eye, limited to:
    – cornea – refracts light
    – iris – controls how much light enters pupil
    – lens – focuses light onto retina
    – retina – contains light receptors, some sensitive to light of different colours
    – optic nerve – carries impulses to the brain
  • Explain the pupil reflex in terms of light intensity and pupil diameter only
  • Explain accommodation to view near and distant objects

Activities: Pair work

  1. Eye structure: Play this animation to study the parts of the eye
  2. Eye functions: Play this animation to study the eye functions. Identify the structures on the diagram from exercise 2, page 9 in the booklet and write down the functions beside the structures.
  3. Now you are able to answer  exercise 3 from page 9 in the booklet.
  4. How the eye works: Read and play the animation from this webpage
  5. Answer the following questions from page 9 and 10 in the booklet:

-4) c and d

– 2) a

6. The PUPIL REFLEX: -Search in the internet a short video about pupil reflex.

– Draw a flow chart explaining the reflex (stimulus, receptors,                                                         coordinator, effectors, effect and response.

7. Answer exercise 1, page 9 in the booklet.

8. ACCOMMODATION: Read and play the animations to learn how the eye focuses on a nearby and a distant object.

9. Answer questions 2) b and 4) a from pages 9-10.

10. Integrating the eye and the nervous system: Use your knowledge to answer question 5) page 10. By now, you should be able to solve it by yourself!!

Hands-on! 🙂


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