HOMEOSTASIS: Controlling the blood sugars levels

Last lesson we studied how we control the body temperature.

Another factor that should be kept constant is the levels of glucose in blood.

Which are they?


a- Study page 2 from this webpage, watch all the animations and answer the interactive question.

b- Construct a flow chart to show what happens when the levels of glucose in blood increase and decrease.

c- What do you understand by negative feedback?


What is it? Here’s the answer!  

a- Build a comparison table between Diabetes type 1 and type 2.

– Causes

– Treatment

b- Answer exercise 1, pages 13 and 14, booklet.

b- Some time ago, insulin was obtained from…. pigs! Yes!

Nowadays, insulin is produced by genetic engineering.

c- Define genetic engineering.

d- Play the animation about how insulin is produced.

Ready, steady,….go!




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