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Control of body temperature: Heat loss and size

Read the article and explain the relationship between heat loss and animal size.

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Drugs: effects of “paco” in the brain.

April 26th, 2018 Dr. Marcelo Cetkovich from INECO Foundation explains the effect of Paco in young children.

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Sex hormones and puberty

Sex hormones are responsible of the most dramatic changes that occur in the body. They control puberty, egg and sperm production, pregnancy, birth and lactation. Read the information about Puberty HERE. State the female and male hormones which are responsible … Sigue leyendo

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Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts. Let´s learn more about enzymes.   Watch the video! Make sure to understand the meaning of the following key words: catalyst substrate product chemical reaction active site denaturation temperature Ph Line-graph – Independent … Sigue leyendo

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