S4 Biology virtual period: ENDOCRINE GLANDS and HORMONES

  1. Read page 1 from THIS LINK

Act: Define the term hormone


2. Where are the endocrine glands?

     Read the descriptions of the glands and the hormones they produced here

Act: Build a table to summarise the  hormones  each gland produces. You should include in the columns:

– Endocrine gland, Where in the body and Hormone produced

in the lines: Pituitary, testis, ovary, pancreas, adrenal and thyroid.


3. Effects of insulin in the human body

   Last year you studied the effect of insulin and glucagon secreted by the pancreas.

Act: Draw a flow diagram to explain the importance of insulin in the control of glucose in blood when:

a. the levels of glucose in blood increase

b. the levels of glucose in blood decrease

DEADLINE: March 28th

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