Building global citizens: the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

Hello everyone!

During 4 weeks we will be part of a global project which involves more than 220 schools  across 50 countries, covering six continents.

We will focus on a problem, solutions and how to take action. You will be able to explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, connect, reflect and share your findings via weekly videos and pictures which will be shared at the website. Once a week you will watch the videos from your global peers to gain a deeper understanding about them.

But….. What do you understand by “Building global citizens”?

              Why is it important to think globally?

              Do you know what the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals are?

Let´s learn about them…

Read about the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Briefly explain the aim of the SDG
  • Take a look at the 17 goals.
  • Describe 3 goals that called your attention and give reasons for your choice.

Once you completed all the activities, share them in a doc. with the title “VP: The SDG”

DEADLINE: Tuesday April 16th




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