No more plastic global project

Hi everyone!


Last class you were introduced to the project by looking at the image and exploring it by using a “Thinking routine”: see, think, wonder.


Wonderful thoughts and questions arose from them.


Which places are the most polluted?

Why do people throw so much trash?

How can humanity stop pollution and destruction of nature?

Is someone helping to remove all the trash from the oceans?

How much are organisms affected?

What can we do to stop people destroying the world?

Why do we use a lot of plastic?

I would like all the countries to join and work together to reduce the use of plastic and stop the ocean pollution.

Why is there a lot of trash in water?

In WEEK 1 you will investigate :

What’s the problem? Plastic soup, microplastics, single use plastic… Your aim is to define the problem, both locally and globally.

Group work:

1- What´s the problem? Plastic soup (globally)

2- What´s the problem? Microplastics (globally

3- What´s the problem? Single use plastics  (globally)

4- Define and describe the situation in Argentina.  (globally)

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